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Everything to Know About Seattle + ITINERARY

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Everything to Know About SEATTLE + ITINERARY

Heyy! It’s been a while…and I can’t BELIEVE summer is almost over! It has gone by so fast, and I’ve been so busy I’ve barely had the time to even open my laptop!! Before I get into the post…stay tuned for some fun posts coming soon…we are taking a truly wonderful, exciting trip that’s not too far away…which means some…

NIAGARA FALLS: Everything You Need to Know

There is so much to see and do at Niagra! Before going there, I like many, thought that there is only the Falls to see…but I was definitely wrong! Read on for more information on Niagra Falls, what to see and what to do, shopping, walking, the fun arcades, and more…! Just Some Background… Niagara Falls, the 8th Wonder of…

Best of Warm-Weather Seattle: All the Outdoors!

Hi everyone! Its finalllllllyyyy SUMMERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!  The past month has been getting very, very warm in Seattle…the sun has been shining and there hasn’t been much rain at all! It’s been a very nice change, and warmer weather always means more outdoors, especially for our family! We absolutely love doing anything outdoors…hiking, biking, swimming, kayaking, running, zip-lining, etc. etc.  There are…


Hey everyone! You’re probably reading the title of this post and wondering why it says Spring Break…when most Spring Breaks were around a month ago. Well, my school had Spring Break a couple of weeks ago…much later than most schools. About a week ago I posted about San Juan Islands. Well…that is where my dad and I went for Spring…

Oahu 5-7 Day Itinerary: The Complete Guide

Oahu…there is so much to see and do in Oahu that will make you want to keep going back.  In this post, I’ve compiled a list of everything that you might need to make you trip to Oahu successful…everything from sites to see, places to eat, accommodation, transportation, things to do, and many more! throwback to 2015: in front of…

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Behind the name: World In Your Backpack

Our mission is to promote travel around the world, keeping students and adults alike interested in educational and social, but fun travel.

The name World In Your Backpack encircles everything about us.  We encourage our audience to travel the world with a backpack full of memories, in other words, travel with the world in your backpack, hence the name.  We preserve our memories through photography, capturing every memorable moment and inspiring others to learn about and travel the world!

WIYB is all about giving back to the world, and at the bottom of every page there is a donation button that donates straight to a certain company.  Depending on the place that is on a specific page, there is WIYB’s “special” contribution.  It is a little blurb/website link about how you can give back to that local community that that page is about when you go there.  

No matter where you go, you will take a backpack.  Like us, you may have that one backpack that has been through every thing; the mud, rain, water, and dirt, but at the same time still holds a bucket full of memories.  Those memories can be from all over the world.  Therefore, that backpack has memories from around the world, and the world to you.  So the world is technically right there, in your backpack.

Behind the name: World In Your Backpack

Our mission is to promote travel around the world, keeping students and adults alike interested in educational and social, but fun travel.

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"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."
-St. Augustine