Top 2 Family-Friendly Places in Vancouver, Canada

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Vancouver, which is located just above the USA, is around a two-hour drive from Seattle, Washington.  Whether you have made a trip to Seattle and want a quick two-day getaway, you can easily drive from Seattle.  Or, you can stay in Vancouver and drive to Seattle from Vancouver.  There is a lot of walking to do, and Vancouver is a very family-friendly place to visit, as there are a lot of things to do! 

Tip:  Whether or not you are going to do anything in Vancouver, flights going in and out from Vancouver are normally much cheaper than flight going in and out from Seattle.  We normally take a flight from Vancouver rather than Seattle whenever we travel as it is much, much cheaper.

Below are my top 2 things to do in Vancouver that are very family-friendly.  You can do both in one day, or spread it out over two days!

Stanely Park

Stanley Park is a 450-hectare park, surrounded by water from Vancouver Harbor and English Bay.  There are so many things to do at Stanley Park; the aquarium, mini-train rides, hikes & walks (a lot!), a golf course, etc.  The golf course is located in the middle of the park!  The Lost Lagoon and Sea Walk are very nice trails to go on.  The aquarium has many different shows to watch.  The mini train ride is a nice train to go on for kids or adults who want to take a bit of a break and see some nature.  There are also different places to dine to grab a quick bite while you are there!  

“Why count sheep when you can count Belugas?!”  Have fun!

Granville Island

There is not much to say about Granville Island…it is simply a cute little island that is great to go to mid-afternoon, right before dinner, where you can browse and shop around!  It is an island FULL of places to buy anything, from smelling candles all the way to glass blowing!  I’d love to know what you did!!


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