The BEST Place to Stay in Dubai

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There are many hotels and place to stay in Dubai; the usual hotels, and Air BNBs. However, when you go to Dubai you should stay at the Atlantis Hotel, a 7-star hotel located in only Dubai. You can do everything there; they even have their own water park! Located right along the water, the drive to the hotel is beautiful. At the hotel itself, there are many things you can do! Go and splash about in the Water Park, whack some balls on the golf course, ski down the slope, or choose to relax in front of the underwater world!

The Atlantis Hotel...

A 7-starred, beautiful hotel awaits your stay in Dubai. When you go to Dubai, the Atlantis Hotel is a place you must stay at. When you go to Dubai, you can seriously just stay at the hotel for a week, and still not be able to do everything there is to do there. That’s how many things there are to do at the Atlantis Hotel itself. That’s basically what we did. The only thing that we did that was not with the hotel was a once-in-a-lifetime oppurtunity. Skiing in Dubai! As my sister and I love to ski, we couldn’t resist the temptation to have the chance to ski in Dubai! You can read about our adventure and the booking process HERE. Just take a look at their website HERE, and you’ll long to just jump on the slides at the water park!


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If the Atlantis Hotel isn't for you...

If the Atlantis Hotel doesn’t look appealing to you, DO NOT WORRY! There are many, many other hotels in Dubai that will work for you. Staying at the Atlantis Hotel is a great experience, but if you don’t think you are really going to be using their amazing facilities, then I recommend staying somewhere else. For example, the Shangri La Hotel is located close to the Dubai Zoo. We, in fact, stayed at the Shangri La Hotel in Chiang-Mai, Thailand, and had an excellent time! You can check out their website HERE
You can check out other hotels in Dubai HERE

Please Note: The Atlantis Hotel is a great place to stay if you are going to be at the hotel for about 70-80% of the time. If you are not going to be at the hotel as much, thenthere is not point in staying there. You can choose what kind of a vacation you want in Dubai: a nice, relaxing one, where you just chill out at the hotel (then I reccomend the Atlantis), or an adventure, sight-seeing filled one (in which case I recommend booking another hotel)

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