Skiing in Dubai??!!

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Did you ever think that you could ski in Dubai? Yes, when I was first told I was in complete denial; but when I saw the slopes with my own eyes I was beyond amazed. The place where the weather gets to 66 degrees Fahrenheit coldest, skiing out-of-doors is impossible. So, what did they do? Decided to put ski slopes INSIDE a MALL!

Ski, Snowboard, Toboggan, or Simply Play in the Snow!

Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort with 22,500 square meters of indoor skiing, which opened in November of 2005. It is a part of the Mall of the Emirates, one of the largest shopping malls in the world, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Ski Dubai has 5 runs that vary in difficulty; both height and steepness, and the height of the entire place is around 279′.  You can check out the SkiDubai website HERE to book your tickets.


If you go to Dubai, SkiDubai is an absolute MUST.  You can ski/snowboard in tons of places around the world, but skiing indoors is a Dubai-thing.  A true experience to check off of your bucket list!


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