Scotland 2-Day Itinerary: How to see the best of Scotland in 2 Days

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Scotland is pretty big…but at the same time, you don’t want to end up spending an entire trip to Europe in Scotland alone. I would recommend pairing Scotland with another destination. When we went, we spent a couple of days in Scotland and then the rest of our trip in Germany!

If you want to see and do more in Scotland, that’s totally fine! But I would suggest staying there for 4-5 days. In this post, I’ve outlined how to make the most of 2 days in Scotland, and some of my tips and advice:)

Note: Check out my post HERE for the things and activities listed throughout this post in Scotland! This post has extra information on visiting Scotland as well as planning your days.

day 1: edinburgh

Edinburgh is such a fun place to visit for everybody! Walk down the cobblestone streets and grab a bite to eat in the little shops all around the city. We spent the entire day in Edinburgh and didn’t ever run out of things to do. Check out my post HERE for more information on what exactly we did in Edinburgh. That will give you all of the information you need to know:)

day 2: the lochs

The Lochs are an absolute must whether you are a HP lover or not. They are all incredibly pretty. Check out my post HERE to find out more! (scroll towards the bottom of the page to see the Lochs specifically).

accommodation advice

Even though we had an entire day dedicated to Edinburgh, we stayed in Glasgow for three nights (Arrival day, Day 1, Day 2). Edinburgh is about an hour’s drive from Glasgow (if you leave before 11:00 am haha b/c of traffic). The reason for this, is because the Lochs and Edinburgh are in the opposite direction from Glasgow. Simply put, Glasgow is closer to the Lochs than Edinburgh. The Lochs are around a 6-8 hour round-trip from Glasgow, but from Edinburgh that would give you around a 10-hour driving journey all in one day. This is something I would highly, highly recommend not doing. We did, and even though the views were hands-down worth it, sitting in the car for those many hours is extremely tiresome. If you have a few more days that you can spend it Scotland, there are a few Air BNB’s along the way to the Lochs, around 45 minutes to an hour away. You could stay in Glasglow or Edinburgh for one night, and then drive over to the Lochs the next day. Keep in mind, that the airport is in Glasgow or Edinburgh, so you would have to drive back. (flights tend to be cheaper out of Edinburgh rather than Glasgow!)


If you didn’t know, my family and I are vegan. A lot of questions that I get are how we travel being vegan. It’s really not that difficult, to be honest. I plan on doing an entire post on this for other vegans out there who may have some questions on how we do it…but here are a few vegan restaurants that we went to and loved!

The 78 (Glasgow), Picnic Cafe (Glasgow), & Hendersons (Edinburgh)

practical tips for visiting scotland

No matter the time, walking shoes are a must. There is a ton of walking in Edinburgh, and a little hiking at the Lochs. If you want to truly enjoy your time in Scotland, your feet must be satisfied. Do them a favor and wear close-toed shoes. It’s also a good idea to pack a raincoat, as the weather in Scotland is extremely unpredictable. You’ll thank me later when the sunny weather suddenly turns to dark clouds. That being said, keep sunscreen handy as well!

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