Public or Private Transport? Traveling in a Foreign Country: Pros & Cons

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Traveling in a foreign country can be tough…nevertheless, with a few tips you can pick which mode of transportation is better for which time…all here! Read on to know more about the pros and cons of public versus private transportation, and all other modes of transport!

private transportation (rental cars)

There are many perks of having a rental car, as you can probably imagine…but there are also some down sides. The cost of having a rental car is significantly higher than having some sort of pass for public transport. On the flip side, you can get from place to place much faster with your own car rather than a bus.


1. you can drive whenever you want

2 it’s quicker 

3. generally safer

4. easier, especially if you have a lot of “stuff”

5. more comfortable


1. costs much, much more (parking, gas, etc.)

2. sometimes more inconvenient (parking)

3. more hassle (pick/drop off car, etc.)

4. not always the best car!

5. flat tire….(this happened to us in Italy!)

Renting your own car is not always the worst option…but it all depends on where you are going, family situation, etc. If you are going to a place like Iceland, where there is pretty much no public transportation, you obviously need your own rental car! But in a place like London, where public transportation is second nature, renting a car is going to feel a lot ore like a hassle and a waste of money.

private transportation

Public Transportation is never a bad option at all…especially if you’re in an area where you see public buses and trams everywhere you look! Here I’ll lay out the pros and cons of taking a public mode of transportation…


1. costs much less

2. (sometimes) more convenient

3. no parking hassle

4. a good experience (especially in London!)

5. it’s generally fun

6. BONUS! saves the Earth a little!


1. very time-consuming

2. doesn’t always work

3. sometimes have to call a cab

4. long journeys take even longer

5. have to know how it works 

just a few more tips...

Here are a few guidelines you can follow when deciding what mode of transportation you want to use:

1. Family (kids, strollers, etc.)

2. Location (where you are staying and sites you will visit)

3. Type of city (public-transport heavy – London, no public-transport – Iceland)

4. Your comfort!

5. Duration of stay (longer trip means higher car rental cost, vice-versa)

If you have any other questions or need help figuring out what to do, just let me know! 

Quick Tip: remember to research the city that you are traveling to and the types of transportation that they have there before deciding on anything!

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