Oahu’s Magic and Hikes!

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Our family loves hiking…we just love the outdoors and always try and go on a hike every chance we get!  But…we also love magic…!  Who doesn’t?  We got the perfect balance of both when we went to Oahu.  In this post you’ll read about the wonderful hikes we went on and the amazing magic that we got to see!  s

Hike #1. Diamond Head Hike

Diamond Head is a very beautiful and scenic hike and perfect for all levels of hikers.  It is more on the touristy side because it is not too far from Waikiki, but the best time to go would be in the earlier morning to skip the crowd.  There are no tickets needed, but it is five dollars to park your car.  

Diamond Head used to be a mountain, but when the entire mountain erupted, it left a crater behind, which is what you hike inside of.  It has a few spiral stairs and a tunnel.  Most of the hike is in the open-air, but there are many tress that surround the area so it is shaded.  The views from the top are fantastic, but be prepared for a lot of wind in the winter months!  I recommend bringing a light jacket just in case!


Hike #2. Koko Head Hike/Stairs

Koko Head is an absolute must to go to!  We went and climbed up all of those stairs (total 1048!) our very first day that we were there.  It gives your legs a great workout, but all while working hard you still have a great view of the city.  Koko Head is very popular among athletes and locals, but at the same time not too crowded.  The hike is a great outdoor workout, with a reward waiting for you at the top of all of those stairs!  Locals who climb the stairs regularly often run up and time themselves!  Push yourself to the top of all of the stairs, coming back down is easy!! 

There are no tickets needed.

(Koko Head is harder than Diamond Head — but while we were hiking we saw children as little as four years old!)

We were not in Oahu for very long, so it was impossible for us to do everything that we wanted to!  We chose two of the most highly recommended hikes in Oahu to go on…if you are feeling extra adventurous (and have extra time!), check out some of these other hikes in Oahu HERE!


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Magic of Polynesia!

Magic of Polynesia, located in Roberts, Oahu, is a dinner-theater to experience in a magical way!  Their 3-hour, mind blowing shows are at night either with dinner or without dinner (6:00 PM or 6:30 PM).

There isn’t much more to say about Magic of Polynesia, but you can visit their website HERE for more information and to book your tickets!!

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