NIAGARA FALLS: Everything You Need to Know

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There is so much to see and do at Niagra! Before going there, I like many, thought that there is only the Falls to see…but I was definitely wrong! Read on for more information on Niagra Falls, what to see and what to do, shopping, walking, the fun arcades, and more…!

Just Some Background...

Niagara Falls, the 8th Wonder of the World, begins in New York and spreads over the Canadian Border.  Niagara Falls has two sides (American and Canadian), with three waterfalls. The Horseshoe Falls (known as the Canadian Falls, biggest), American Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls (smallest). The Falls’ water flows from streams and rivers that go into the Great Lakes from Lake Superior through Niagara to Lake Ontario and to the St. Lawrence River. From there, the water empties into the Atlantic Ocean.   

Things to Do

Seeing the Falls / Maid of the Mist

There are many ways to see the falls…but the best way that I highly recommend lets you get up really close to the falls, and actually be on the water! Maid of the Mist is a boat that literally takes you as close to the falls as possible while still staying safe! It is an experience I highly recommend. The boat can begin on either the American or Canadian side, and takes you through all 3 falls. It was very difficult to get good pictures as we went farther into the waterfalls, but here are a couple form the boat:

You do get sprayed and splashed while on the boat, as the water from the falls is very powerful. Along with your ticket for the boat, you also do get a “raincoat”…blue for America and red for Canada. As long as you wear that, you’ll be fine!

Note: You can buy your tickets at Niagra Falls itself…there is a booth there:)

Walking Up AND Around the Falls

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After doing the boat, since you are probably already a little wet, I recommend doing the short walk/hike up the side of the falls (on the American side). You can get really close to the falls, and get some amazing pictures as well.

In addition to walking up the falls, you can also walk around the falls. Walking around the falls is really cool because you get to see part of where the water comes from. It’s also really pretty!

there was a really nice field just off the path where we got some great pictures!

Clifton Hill!!! (games, arcade, go-carts, and more!)

The famous Clifton Hill is a street just filled with endless fun! Places and places of just games and arcades…and even go carting!!  You can easily spend a whole day there! The Niagara Speedway was the BEST go carting that I have done, especially because of the two hills! Clifton Hill is an absolute must!

The Best Place to Stay for Falls View & Falls At Night

thank you to annika who managed to get this gorgeous picture from the window in our room! (the other falls is more to the left)

The best place to stay to get a great view of the falls is the Marriott…you get an excellent view of both the falls, and it is not very far from the falls and Clifton Hill! At night, the falls light up and produce different colors, something spectacular to see, and the Marriott rooms that have a falls view are perfect!

The picture below was taken very close to the falls and Clifton Hill, and the Marriott is in the distance.

WEGO Niagara Falls Bus

The WEGO Niagara Falls Bus is the perfect way and cheapest way to get around. Taking a car would be a hassle because of parking, and it would take too long to walk everywhere. The WEGO Bus goes to Clifton Hill and the Falls, so it’s perfect! You can get tickets at your hotel.




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Public or Private Transport?

Transport Post:  HERE

When you are at Niagra, you will not need a car, as taking the bus there is very simple. If you are driving to Niagra, I still recommend taking the bus because it is a lot easier to get around:)

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