Neuschwanstein Castle: A Real-Life Disney Castle

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Do you love Disney? Have you ever wondered what the inspiration for the famous Disney Castle was? Here it is…Neuschwanstein Castle (it’s a mouthful, I know!). Located in Bavaria, near a town called Fussen in Southern Germany, the castle was built many years ago by King Ludwig II, also known as the “Fairytale King”. Neuschwanstein Castle, directly translated, literally means “New Swan Stone” castle. That is why you always see so many swans as a symbol in the Disney movies.

The most visited castle in Europe, Neuschwanstein Castle not only looks like a Disney Castle, but the location of the castle is also straight from a fairy tale. It is located in the Alps in Bavaria, Germany, surrounded by a gorgeous landscape on the top of a hill.

To be entirely honest, you do not need more than a couple of days at the castle…there’s isn’t a TON to do besides the castle and a few things around the castle…I have a Southern Germany 7-Day Itinerary coming very soon to help you plan your trip!

your day...the do's and don'ts

Photo May 17, 1 52 16 PM
a view of the castle from another angle

We spent only 1 full day at the castle…you can do everything there is to do there all in a day, if you start at the right time. The first thing you should do, of course, is tour the castles. Yes…there are two. Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle. You can buy tickets for both of the castles in one, while you are there. I recommend seeing Hohenschwangau first, because after you see Neuschwanstein you won’t want to see anything else! Ticket prices vary by season for the castle, but I recommend getting the two-in-one ticket no matter what, as you can see and tour both of the castles at a lower price. **TIP: TICKET PRICES CANNOT BE BOUGHT ONLINE. THE LINES GET VERY LONG PASSED AROUND 9:00 AM, SO STANDING IN LINE AT 8:00 TO BUY TICKETS WILL BE MUCH FASTER.** Remember that…we saw ourselves how log the line got when we were leaving to tour, having already bought our tickets earlier that morning.

this is hohenschwangau castle

To get up to the two castles, you can either hike or take a horse carriage. If you would like to hike, I suggest hiking to and from Hohenschwangau Castle, and taking the horse carriage to and from Neuschwanstein Castle. We love horses…so we really wanted to take the carriage for one of the castles! Ticket prices vary, but you can buy them just before you get on the carriage. Lines can get slightly long, which is why taking the carriage to the first castle that you go to is best.

When you are getting up to the castle…there are many great spots to take pictures with a full view of the castle. The best place to take pictures is in a green field very close to the castle (you will see it as you are driving). Be sure to take a good camera and tripod with you!

Photo May 17, 1 52 25 PM

what our day looked like

Wake-Up: 7:00 AM

Somebody get tickets: 7:15 am

Breakfast: 7:30 AM

Leave for Hohenschwangau Castle: 8:30 AM

1st Castle Tour: 9:00 AM

Return from Hohenschwangau: 10:15 AM

Leave for Neuschwanstein Castle: 11:00 AM

Return from Neuschwanstein Castle: 11:45 AM

Lunch: 12:00 PM (we went back into the town for lunch)

Hiking Trails around the castle: 1:00 PM

Souvenir Shopping & Browsing: 2:30 PM

Walking around the lake: 3:15 PM

Hiking to castle bridge: 4:00 PM

Dinner: 6:30 PM

Walking around the lake (again) to watch the sunset and swans!: 7:30 PM

Hey there! I’m Anya, just a girl who loves to travel. Thanks for stopping by:))

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