Everything to Know About SEATTLE + ITINERARY

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Heyy! It’s been a while…and I can’t BELIEVE summer is almost over! It has gone by so fast, and I’ve been so busy I’ve barely had the time to even open my laptop!! Before I get into the post…stay tuned for some fun posts coming soon…we are taking a truly wonderful, exciting trip that’s not too far away…which means some equally exciting posts and pictures to come with!! SO looking forward to sharing!!

Seattle is truly a gorgeous place, full of greenery and innovation. I highly recommend a visit to Seattle at some point, because there is SO MUCH to see and do both in and around Seattle, you’ll never be able to do it all! Even we haven’t, and we live here!! In this post, I am going to tell you EVERYTHING there is to know about Seattle, from transportation, to food, to attractions, to the outdoors…you name it! I’ll also link a few of my other posts on Seattle, including Best of Warm-Weather Seattle: All the Outdoors!

An Overview...

    • Seattle Space Needle
    • International Fountain
    • The Great Wheel
    • Pier 55/57
    •  Pike Place Market
    • MoPop (Museum of Pop Culture)
    •  Seattle Aquarium
    • Pacific Science Center
    • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
    •  University Village 
    • Planning it All Out: What I recommend to Do When
      •  Seattle Space Needle, International Fountain, Pike Place Market, Pier 55, The Great Wheel
      • Pacific Science Center, MoPop, Seattle Aquarium
      • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, University Village
      • Outdoors 
    • In the city
      • Marriott
      • Air BNBs
      • Westin
      • Hilton
      • Etc.
    •  Public transportation (Orca card)
      • Buses
      • etc.
    •  Places to visit from Seattle
    • Day Trips from Seattle
    • Other great things to see near Seattle downtown (Kirkland Downtown, Bellevue Downtown, etc.)

Main Attractions

Photo Jul 21, 12 23 41 PM-min
haha can you see mount rainier photo-bombing in the background?

Seattle Space Needle

The Seattle Space Needle is Seattle’s icon…AND a landmark of the Pacific Northwest…a MUST. Of all the things on this list, you HAVE to see the Space Needle. There is so much to do at and around the Space Needle, besides viewing it…

Iconic Elevators:  Take the 43-second elevators that travels at around 10 miles per hour (800 feet per minute) to the top of the Needle!

The Loupe:  the world’s first and only rotating glass floor!!

The View:  at the top of the Needle there are glass benches and tall windows with gorgeous views.

Dining:  eat at the revolving restaurant at the top of the Needle!

For up-to-date information on tickets, pricing, and hours, visit the Seattle Space Needle’s website HERE, or click HERE to book your tickets!

International Fountain


The International Fountain, a giant, bowl-shaped fountain, that dances to music, is a great place to go, especially during the summer.  It is also a great place to take a picnic, as there is a grassy field surrounding the fountain…again, a great place to go on a hot summer day. The fountain is inside a bowl shape, and if you want to go near the fountain you will get wet:) so bring a swimsuit;);)

The Great Wheel

The Great Wheel is a Ferris Wheel in Seattle on Pier 57 along Eliot Bay, that goes over the water. The compartments are closed and private:) Highly recommend, the views are gorgeous and its a great way to see all of Seattle!

Pier 55/57

Both Pier 55 and Pier 57 are very close to each other, and have great things to do along them. I highly recommend paying a visit and just walking along by the water, enjoying all that there is to do. The Great Wheel is located along Pier 57:)

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is THE PLACE to go to in Seattle, besides the Space Needle! The Market is FULL of people and food, and things and activities unique to Seattle. Pike Place is THE PLACE to experience and see true Seattle culture…and don’t forget to watch the *Fish Throwing!

*The Fish Throwing is something everybody goes to Pike Place Market to see. When a customer buys a whole fish at the Market, the workers there will throw the fish back and forth among them, symbolizing and showing off their teamwork!

MoPop (Museum of Pop Culture, formerly EMP Museum)

The MoPop is a great place to pay a visit to…or at least walk past and take some pictures. At different times of the year they have different exhibits (Star Wars, Marvel, etc.), that sometimes even display real costumes and props that were used in movies! If you do not have the time to visit the museum, at least walk by the building and take some pictures…as the building looks pretty cool from the outside! It is very close to the Space Needle:))

Seattle Aquarium

The Seattle Aquarium never gets old…located on Pier 59 along Eliot Bay, it is a great place to go to sort of relax…because with everything there is to do in and around Seattle, your trip can get a little exhausting! The Aquarium is typically open from 9:30am – 5:00pm Monday thru Sunday (as of August 4th 2019). Visit their website HERE for more information!

Pacific Science Center

Similar to the Seattle Aquarium, the Pacific Science Center is a great place to go for a couple hours…the exhibits are fun to see, and they usually have movies playing in IMAX there too!  It is usually open from 10:00am – 6:00pm Monday thru Sunday (as of August 4th 2019). I highly recommend going for at least an hour, as it is a fun and entertaining place to be:) Visit their website HERE for more up-to-date information!

Note: In addition to their exhibits, they also have summer camps for kids!

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation is definitely a place you should visit if you come to Seattle. You can book a free tour at their Discovery Center HEREI HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend going, because trust me, you WILL definitely learn a lot…there is SO MUCH to learn, and so many ways that you can help!

University Village

University Village is just a great place to go, where you can easily spend an entire day, and that has EVERYTHING! Basically a fancier, nicer outdoor mall, filled with very lovable, well-known stores and lots to eat, it is a great place to go to shop and have fun outdoors. There are tons and tons of great places to sit down or walk around!! I highly recommend at least paying a visit there…visit their website HERE for their updated list on all of the stores and restaurants! Note: in the summertime, they even have live concerts every Wednesday FOR FREE!

Planning it All Out:  What I recommend to Do When

If you are crunched for time: (may get tiring!!)

Day 1: Seattle Space Needle, International Fountain, Pike Place Market, Pier 55, The Great Wheel

Day 2: Pacific Science Center, MoPop, Seattle Aquarium

Day 3: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, University Village

Day 4:  Outdoors

If you have more time: (more relaxed)

Day 1: Seattle Space Needle, International Fountain, Pier 55, The Great Wheel

Day 2: Pike Place Market, Pacific Science Center, Outdoors

Day 3: MoPop, Seattle Aquarium, Outdoors

Day 4: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Outdoors

Day 5: University Village, Outdoors (kayaking, hot air balloon, etc.–choose something without a lot of walking!)

All the Outdoors

Photo Jun 29, 4 59 50 PM

I have an entire post dedicated to all of the outdoor fun there is to do in and around Seattle! In the post, I compiled EVERYTHING you could possibly want to do that is outdoors….hiking, zip-lining, hot-air ballooning, helicopter rides, and MORE!! We absolutely love doing anything outdoors…hiking, biking, swimming, kayaking, running, zip-lining, etc. etc.  There are SO MANY fun outdoor things to do here in Seattle…so whether you live here or decide to pay a visit here…your outdoor activities are covered! In the post I list everything you need to know about the outdoors in Seattle…Trust me, a warm day in Seattle is a perfect day. Check out the post Best of Warm-Weather Seattle: All the Outdoors


I also have a full post on Vegan dining in Seattle…check it out!! GO VEGAN!…The BEST Vegan Dining in Seattle.

Where to Stay

There are many different areas in Seattle that you can stay in…Downtown Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, etc. I HIGHLY, highly recommend staying in Seattle Downtown…it is honestly the best and most things to do are in Downtown. Whether you decide to stay in the Downtown area or not, you have a few options.

Everywhere we go, we usually always stay in an Air BNB…which is basically like renting a fully furnished, mini apartment.  Air BNBs are great in Seattle…but if you’re looking for more of a vacation vacation…there are some great hotels all over that would work! Click HERE to check out some Air BNBs in Seattle!


In Seattle Downtown, public transportation i absolutely perfect and runs very smoothly. If you are only planning on staying in Seattle Downtown, then renting a car is definitely not necessary (keep in mind that parking is very hard to find, and you will have to pay!). You can purchase an Orca Card HERE for the public transportation in Seattle. They also have great bikes you can rent all throughout the city!



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Public or Private Transport?

Transport Post:  HERE

In Seattle Downtown, public transportation is absolutely perfect and runs very smoothly. If you are only planing on staying in Seattle downtown, then renting a car is definitely not necessary.  (keep in mind that parking is very hard to find. and you will have to pay!).  You can purchase an Orca card HERE for the public transportation in Seattle.

More in Seattle...

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