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Public or Private Transport? Traveling in a Foreign Country: Pros & Cons

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Traveling in a foreign country can be tough…take it from my own dad, who passed the hardest driving test of all…driving in a complete white-out snow sheet in icy Iceland on a steep hill!!  Nevertheless, with a few tips you can pick which mode of transportation is better for which time…all here!  Read on to know more about the pros and cons of public  versus private transportation, and all other modes of transport! Private Transportation (Rental Cars!) There are many …

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How to Read Hawaiian

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Even though the Hawaiian people speak and write mostly in English, it doesn’t hurt to know a little bit of Hawaiian before you go…there are some Hawaiian greetings that it is good to be familiar with so that you know when you are greeted!  And hey, more knowledge is never bad! How to Read Hawaiian get it?! ‘Olelo Hawai’i, the Hawaiian language, uses 13 letter:  5 vowels, and 8 consonants, including the glottal stop called ‘okina.  The Hawaiian alphabet has …

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Shopping Tips!

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Shopping in Beijing is quite an adventure itself. You can either get really good, high quality, local souvenirs, or you can be tricked into getting something that won’t last very long. I have a few tips for you to get really good quality things, and not be tricked into getting something that isn’t! First things first, while shopping for any traditional goods in Beijing, you have to keep in mind four principles: find a place selling a real product, distinguish …