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Hey everyone! You’re probably reading the title of this post and wondering why it says Spring Break…when most Spring Breaks were around a month ago. Well, my school had Spring Break a couple of weeks ago…much later than most schools. About a week ago I posted about San Juan Islands. Well…that is where my dad and I went for Spring Break 2019!! We had a blast and a short but great getaway for a few days. This is a “WIYB Family’s Recent Adventures” post and you’ll get a little bit more of an insight into my Spring Break, and inspiration for other places you may want to pay a visit to! I’ll also include a few more pictures/videos that I didn’t get to include in my San Juan Islands post. Read “Best of San Juan Islands: Friday Harbor, 3-Day Itinerary” for more information on transportation, accommodation, dining, activities, and more!

San Juan: Friday Harbor

Every Spring Break, our family takes a short trip somewhere around Seattle (driving distance). There are so, so many wonderful places near and around Seattle that, living in Seattle, we never realize are there. Last Spring Break, we went skiing in Mount Washington (Canada!). The Spring Break before last, we went to Pullman, very near Washington State University. This year, Annika’s Spring Break and mine were on different weeks. So for my Spring Break, my dad and I went to Friday Harbor, an island part of San Juan Islands, for two nights. It was great to just get away from reality for a bit, and the island was so empty because most Spring Breaks were already over! The trip was absolutely perfect…and the weather was so sunny and warm! I highly, highly recommend paying Friday Harbor a visit…trust me, its a great break from reality for a couple of days!!

Read “Best of San Juan Islands: Friday Harbor, 3-Day Itinerary” for more information on transportation, accommodation, dining, activities, and more!

Inspiration: Other places I recommend

I will be doing a post on other places around the Seattle area that are wonderful to visit…but here is a short list of other places you can go to that are driving distance from Seattle!

  • Pullman
  •  Wenatchee
  •  Mount Washington (Canada)
  • Whistler (Canada)
  • Vancouver
  •  Other San Juan Islands 
  • Leavenworth
  • Lake Chelan
  • Semiahmoo (resort)
  •  Anacortes
  • Whidbey Island
  •  and many, many, many more!! There are so many wonderful things to do both in and around Seattle. Being Seattlites, we haven’t been to even half of the places! Let me know where you go and what you do in the comments below!


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Public or Private Transport?

Transport Post:  HERE

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